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Shaldag, Data, Classification, Marking and Licensing of Chemicals

Chemical industry

One of first services we have been providing as a company, starting in 1987 and keeping its strength, is the preparation of MSDS safety data sheets, which are accompanied by preparation of safety sheets, transportation sheets, substance classification, chemical licensing worldwide and marking and labelling chemicals.
The MSDS safety data sheets that we offer are provided as pdf files, however they may be received as part of a computerized system named Shaldag which can be set up as an online system or intra-organizational, depends on the client’s choice.
Information systems on hazardous substances that we issued include large organizations such as the oil refineries, Rafael, IDF, ICL, Perrigo and mainly Teva. In addition, we offer our service for industry factories, commerce companies, transportation companies, delivery companies and in fact, any company or organization requiring information on hazardous substances.
In the past decade the service has been expanding to providing information on standardization, regulation, registration and licensing of chemicals worldwide. Among other thing, we escort exporters to Europe within the REACH framework, and even provide exclusive representation services through our UK subsidiary.
The State of Israel, as part of regulating the licensing of chemicals in Israel, has also hired us for a wide-ranging project meant to regulate the licensing of chemicals in coordination and agreement with all government ministries that have any bearing on the subject. The project was successfully completed and the entire issue is in various stages of legislation led by The Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Our Shaldag and MSDS department includes four chemists who diligently work on maintaining the information and meeting the targets set by our clients. We uncompromisingly and strictly train our staff and maintain their knowledge and skills and have been ensuring for the past 30 years and up to the present day, that any information we issue has been reviewed by a second pair of eyes.
Additional details, sheets, demo and a trial kit can be found on the Shaldag homepage.