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Hazmat Policy (Mission, Quality, and Environmental policy)

Our mission is to provide a wide range of services in environment and safety that goes hand in hand with the project from the basic idea through design, build, operation, recovery from accidents, and business continuity, all in perfect harmony with the environment, the community, and the authorities.
We have an integrated quality and environmental quality management-system according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 to assist us achieve our mission.
Our managements system is built upon the following foundations:

  • We are dedicated to the existence, assimilation, and perfection of the quality and environment culture of Hazmat, its employees, its products, and its services.
  • We are obligated to fulfil all legal requests and to work according to the law and regulations.
  • We make all efforts to keep our high quality, that follow the client’s requests and expectations including quality, provision of the deliverables on time, and providing the best service.
  • The services we provide are based upon the Israeli legislation, international standards, and best practices.
  • We are aware that our services has the potential to impact the environment
  • We put all efforts to minimize and prevent negative environmental impacts caused by our operation.
  • Hazmat’s management set targets and goals to improve our operation.
  • We employ a management system to guarantee achieving these goals
  • Our employees understand the policy and employ it continuously

Hazmat Policy is Reviewed Constantly by the management to keep it updated