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Planning Risk Reduction Systems

Chemical industry

A large part of the services we offer deals with various aspects of risk management, however risk management does not end in identifying the risks and suggesting solutions. At the end of the day, the system/ systems need to be planned and established that succeed in reducing risks. A system the reduces risks is called a risk reduction system. Reducing the risks is done up to the point where the residual risk after the reduction meets the required criteria for acceptance.
For the planning principles for defense systems, click here.

Cube diagram:

Risk prior to reduction – risk after reduction = residual risk

The engineering department deals with planning systems, measures and facilities for effective reduction of safety risks and reducing risks for the environment.
Our planning works in full synergy with the Risk Engineering Department’s services in the field of process risks, with the Environmental Department on the environmental aspects and with the Fire Safety and Fire Safety Department.

The planning stages we offer include:

  • Reducing risks as much as required to reach an acceptable residual risk level from the existing level.
  • Examining the standards, control measures, process measures and other engineering solutions that can reduce the risk as described above.
  • Initial planning of the selected alternative: process engineering, quantitative properties, substance balances, estimating required construction and initial budgetary estimate.
  • Optimization of the effectiveness of the risk reduction system: maximal effectiveness at a minimal cost.
  • Detailed planning (as required, together with a specialist planning firm).
  • Pricing the project.
  • Escorting construction.

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