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Environment, Safety and Quality Procedures

Chemical Industry

Knowledge is great, but it is practically worthless if it is not successfully implemented within the organization. In order to ensure that knowledge regarding environment, hazardous substances, safety in the process and employee safety, reaches all the places in the organizations that it should, we offer specific and focused training for our clients.
On our website, there are off-the-shelf trainings that are easily and quickly downloadable onto your computer, and can be disseminated onwards (we only require that you respect our copyrights and leave the information as is with Hazmat’s name and logo).
If you would still like to customize the training for the organization’s specific needs, we would be glad to meet the challenge and customize the optimal training suitable for each organization and topic. In this way, for instance, we have recently been training a number of clients on how to feed data onto the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s online system to input the toxins reporting data. Another client received training on how to operate the free software Tanks to analyse unfocussed emissions at their tank farm.
There are clients who request training on the risks of transporting hazardous substances, how to solve issues at an explosive atmosphere, how to correctly operate the popular ALOHA software; a training course for participants of a HAZOP risk analysis and even clients who requested and received a HAZOP instructor training course.
We invite you to challenge us at any time with requests for training on topics on which we have provided training before, and even topics we have not provided training before.