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Engineering Compatibility Test and General Supervision

Chemical Industry

The planning of a plant or facility is designed to succeed. For that purpose, the first defense layer planned is the layer we call the procedural layer or the planning layer. This is where the principles of engineering, the planner’s perception, the compatibility with the manufacturing and operational requirements, the compliance with regulation and good practice principles and more, all come into play.
The service we offer focuses on checking that the final planning and/or actual execution accord with the principles and rules set at the basis of the planning, and that the planning as a whole meets the legislative and regulatory requirements, at least with regards to safety and environmental aspects and to any other engineering aspect that is relevant to the client.
To illustrate, we conduct compatibility checks against the planning requirements on natural gas systems and ensure that the system was planned correctly; we check the planning of natural gas and firefighting systems in accordance with the Standards Institute’s requirements; compatibility is ensured with API standards for facilities in the oil industry and to NFPA standards in the industry in general, and more.

It should be noted that accordance with a recognized international standard enables the organization to:

  1. Know that the planning meets accepted and recognized standards.
  2. In many cases, it is a good way to prove to the authorities that the planning meets legislative requirements.
  3. Receive tools for regular maintenance in accordance with said standards.
  4. Enable future change management according to revisions and updates to the standard according to which the planning was made.
  5. Proof of adequate planning can provide an effective line of defense for the organization management in case of an incident or an accident.

Other industries
One of the most important services we offer as part of the safety planning basket offered for infrastructure projects, structures, public structures and institutions is the general supervision.
This service is part of the engineering compatibility tests we perform, however it is focused on the point in time between the end of the construction project and obtaining a population permit or an operation permit.
At this point in time we check and ensure that the actual execution accords with the planning according to requirements. The test includes: checking the implementation of the planning principles as determined in the safety plan such as safety distances, division between areas etc.; checking documents that testify to the planning being made according to the safety plan and a general review of the structure.
This test is currently required of the safety planner by the firefighting authorities.